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And a first-hand story of the incident

About Covid-19, I’ve already written two articles in February and May last year. I honestly never thought I would be writing about it again. Because I was expecting the pandemic to be over by now.

But obviously, it hasn’t.

The Delta variant became active around the world early this year. Cases in China started to appear in June. And my hometown, Macau was on high alert. Because about 80,000 people — working in Macau but living in China — are crossing the border every day.

And last week (on August 3rd, 2021), the inevitable happened.

The first case of Delta…

A personal story from an IT veteran

Last week, I was watching the Netflix documentary series on video games: High Score.

The series interviewed many people, including the company executives, game designers, and even game players. They talked about how video games changed their careers or personal lives. And some of their stories resonated with me very much.

I am a middle-aged guy who has been working in IT all my life. Video games were the exact reasons I chose to study computers in college and work in IT.

This article is my story on video games.

The first contact

I took my first computer course in grade six. …

And why it is not about telling stories to our kids

After watching the recent news about wildfires in California or Australia, I wanted to learn more about climate change. I wanted to understand its root cause and how to slow it down.

And within the same period, there was also news about resuming exploration on the Moon. I was always interested in space exploration when I was a kid. So I told myself to go learn about that as well.

But to be honest, I might be a veteran in information technology after working in the industry all my life. I have absolutely zero knowledge of meteorology or astronomy.


And what I have learned as a runner

Following my first 3K run in 2018, I’ve finished another 5K run last December as planned.

I thought the excitement would be less compared to my first run, but it wasn’t. Because the crowd was bigger, and the venue was also larger. The thrills of waiting at the starting line and crossing the finishing line were still breathtaking to me.

After finishing the 5K run, I had my eyes on the 9K run this October. I was planning to start training in March, and then the pandemic hit.

Entering the pandemic

Starting in March, all the parks were closed in my hometown. Plus…

And how to improve the chance of getting an interview in the first place

This summer is going to be tough on many fresh graduates looking for their first full-time job.

Due to the pandemic, many companies are downsizing and new opening positions are limited. Not to mention the competitions are not just peers among graduates, but many experienced workers who recently got laid off.

That means, as a fresh graduate this year, you have to prepare not to hear any response after sending out your resume. Because companies are flooded with thousands of CVs for a few opening positions.

In my previous life, I’ve interviewed many fresh graduates in the last ten years…

And not losing the war

After writing the previous article about COVID-19 in February, I didn’t expect to write a second one this month. Because I wasn’t expecting the outbreak — now, a pandemic — to last this long.

The first wave of the pandemic was quieted down around the end of February in China. Thanks to the lockdown on individual cities, the number of confirmed cases had been stabilized. Just when people were getting optimistic and thinking it was going to be over, the second wave began in mid-March.

By the end of April, the second wave in Europe and North America had been…

And how you can use it to boost productivity

After going freelance for almost three years, I’ve started using some of the tools back from previous full-time jobs. And one of these tools is the annual review.

An annual review is also known as a performance review or appraisal. At first glance, the annual review seems to be just another red tape for working any full-time jobs. And it has no value in the world of freelancers.

But in this article, I am going to explain why the annual review is important to freelancers. And to show how it makes me more productive in my work.

Remember the purpose

The first question…

And what I have learned to fight the rumors in the novel coronavirus outbreak

Last Wednesday (Feb 5th, 2020) was the first day my hometown — Macau, China — was shutting down all its 41 casinos due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

The last time the casinos were shut down was due to a super typhoon in 2018, and they were closed for only one day. But this time, all the casinos will be out of business for fifteen days.

The economy is going to hurt substantially. Yet it is nothing comparing to the impact on people’s daily lives during this outbreak — which is still evolving at this point.

The atmosphere of…

And how to keep a notebook of great writings

Learning by imitation

About learning to write by imitation, I first learned the idea from the amazing book On Writing Well originally published 43 years ago. And the idea is still valid today, as mentioned in a more recent article on the New York Times.

The article goes even further. It asks students to pick out good sentences from a published story. And to reuse the same sentence structures to tell their own stories. I think that is an excellent idea not just for students but beginners (like myself) to learn from some great writings.

In fact, I have a similar habit of…

And how to get started on running as a beginner

I’ve been working as a freelancer on blogging and developing mobile apps for about two years. And I’ve started training myself for public runs in the same period.

Last year I’ve completed a 3K run even though I got two minor injuries during my training. And I am planning to go for 5K by the end of this year.

In the beginning, I thought running would just be another nice hobby to have. But after a while, I realized I couldn't be more wrong because running turned out to be a great supplement to my freelance life.

This article is…


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